Clearstream migrated to T2S!


Clearstream transfers settlement volume to TARGET2-Securities

During the weekend from 3 to 5 February, 2017, Clearstream Banking Frankfurt successfully migrated to T2S and is now preparing for the first business day.

As the largest T2S participant, CBF has added about 40% to the overall volume on the ECB's settlement platform. This leads to a doubling of current volumes and means that more than 80% of the total volume now has been migrated to the platform.

This project has been conducted in a close and trusting partnership with the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank as well as other national Central Banks and other participating CSDs over many years.

Following the migration, Clearstream will allow all its customers to leverage the benefits of direct access to T2S while enhancing its operational model. This model will provide customers with opportunities for cash and securities pooling throughout Europe as well as harmonised collateral management services from a single platform. Supported by local partners, Clearstream’s customers will also benefit from enhanced asset servicing.

Find more information about our service offering in the T2S section.