Matching of Bridge instructions to be near real-time


Phase 2 of the Bridge enhancements will be effective on 19 June 2017, the main goal being to further improve the matching process to near real-time and to almost triple the number of inter-ICSD settlement transmissions.

These enhancements will be brought about by the introduction of a rolling matching file (ACE) exchange pattern that will increase the frequency to near real-time. Customers will benefit from faster matching results thus enabling better cash management. In addition, the implementation of second level matching will further improve matching efficiency.

Customers will also benefit from:

  • Increasing the inter-ICSD settlement transmissions from 17 to 48;
  • An extension of the Bridge settlement between both ICSDs from 18:30 CET to 19:05 CET; and
  • Enhanced settlement periods and deadlines.