Clearstream in the TARGET2-Securities world!


Clearstream is rolling out its new value proposition following migration to TARGET2-Securities (T2S), the Eurosystem's common European settlement platform, earlier this year.

By consolidating all eligible assets at Clearstream, the largest T2S participant, customers can reduce their costs and improve their liquidity and collateral management.

We have always believed T2S would be more than just a settlement platform – it represents a fundamental reshaping of European capital markets. More than this – it presents benefits and opportunities for savings for all those involved in dealing with securities. With the launch of T2S, we now have the opportunity to deliver an investor CSD facility that enables cross-border securities settlement to take place as efficiently as it happens in the domestic market.

Today, we are in the new T2S era and are rolling out our resulting enhanced value proposition to customers.

We offer the widest choice possible as to how you implement your strategy for European market access in the T2S environment. We are uniquely positioned to offer customers access to T2S via either our ICSD, our T2S-in CSDs, or a combination of these access paths. Read more about your opportunity with Clearstream in the T2S world on our dedicated T2S webpages.

Executive insights

Hear what our Executives have to say about the changing market dynamics in the new T2S world:

This interview includes what we mean by consolidated, single access to the T2S markets via Clearstream (OneClearstream: combining our CSD in Germany, our ICSD and LuxCSD entities); our transition into our new asset servicing model, connectivity interface ClearstreamXact and vision for collateral management opportunities.

Marc Robert-Nicoud talks through the impact of T2S on the capital markets, both today and into the future.

Watch this space for further news and insights as we roll out our T2S offering.