Clearstream successfully participates in T2S migration test


Clearstream’s CSDs in Germany and Luxembourg have achieved another important milestone in preparation for their migration to the T2S platform.

Together with all other CSDs of wave 4, on April 16 and 17 Clearstream conducted a second major T2S migration test, the Migration Weekend Dress Rehearsal (MWDR). All of Clearstream’s internal targets were fully achieved (performance, stability and data quality), proving Clearstream’s technical readiness for T2S.

While Clearstream’s systems and operational processes performed well and within expected timeframes, the overall test targets were not met due to issues external to Clearstream. Therefore, the targeted migration activities were only completed after the planned timeline on the weekend.

Despite the changes to the overall T2S migration schedule, Clearstream managed to implement all necessary adaptations and remains on track for its T2S migration. The next milestone is another MWDR, scheduled for mid May 2016.