It’s all about cooperation - Why Deutsche Börse's partnership with Fudan University matters

by Marc Robert-Nicoud, CEO of Clearstream Holding


Building connections between business and education is not just a Corporate Social Responsibility activity - it’s an active investment in equipping the next generation with the skills they’ll need to further develop the financial industry of tomorrow.

Back in November 2016 I told you about how Clearstream was working together with other companies in Luxembourg to strengthen the country both as a financial centre and as a centre of educational excellence - notably through participation in the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology and the creation of a Chair in Capital Markets and Post Trade at the University of Luxembourg.

Considering the importance of these types of cooperation, I’m happy to say that we’re developing further links between finance and education on a Deutsche Börse group level as well - this week Jeff Tessler, Clearstream’s Chairman and Deutsche Börse Executive Board member, announced the launch of a new partnership with Fudan University in Shanghai.

This partnership, which will result in jointly designed courses in financial education at the university, dovetails with the work we’re doing on the business side with our partners in China. For Clearstream in particular, 2016 was a year of major developments in our connections to China, with new or improved links being introduced connecting to Chinese equities, fixed income instruments and funds - you can check out our Spark collection for a summary of recent steps, and we’ll be announcing more progress here over the course of 2017.

Graduates from courses such as the ones I’ve mentioned will be a key driving force in the years to come, and I’m pleased that we’re able to support them in their development.