T2S Migration Weekend DKK - Point of No Return was already reached


Clearstream Banking AG (CBF) informs customers about the successful migration of Danish Kroner (DKK) to T2S. The "Point of No Return" was already reached at 21:33. The milestone has been confirmed by the T2S Settlement Managers after the related tasks of the business activation of DKK were conducted.

The T2S settlement cycles (Night Time Cycle 1, Last Cycle and preliminary Real-time settlement) will start at the times agreed in the migration plan. T2S will provide the related settlement reporting according to the message subscription according to the migration schedule. This means that customers acting in DCP mode will receive the messages during the migration weekend.

On Monday, 29 October 2018, CBF will provide the T2S settlement results to customers acting in ICP mode. From 01:30, the settlement reporting that is created in real-time mode can be delivered. The related messages (MT54x) are transmitted as usual via all automated connectivity channels (SWIFT, MQ and File Transfer).

Customers who subscribed to the batch-based settlement reporting (MT536, MT537, MT587) will receive the related messages based on the current message configuration at the predefined times.