Belgium: Standard reclaim of withholding tax additional documentation requirements


The Belgian Tax Authorities (BTA) have clarified on their website the full set of documentation that is required to reclaim tax on Belgian interest and dividends. 



customers of Clearstream Banking are required to provide additional certification for each refund request.

Impact on customers

For each standard refund request, customers have to provide by the prescribed deadline and in addition to the usual certification specified in our Market Taxation Guide - Belgium, the following documentation:

For refund of tax on interest payments

  • A bank statement from the beneficial owner (BO). This is to prove that the BO has been credited with the net income payment. It must show the net amount credited to the account.

For refund of tax on dividend payments

  • A bank statement from the BO. This is to prove that the BO has been credited with the net income payment. It must show the net amount credited to the account .
  • A statement of transactions. This has to be provided only for reclaims higher than
    EUR 100,000 and must be signed by the last financial intermediary in the chain. It must contain the details of all the transactions (purchase, sale, lending, etc.) from the acquisition date or for a period of at least 5 years before the dividend payment date stated on the reclaim form. This statement must mention the following transaction details:
    • Identity and address of the shareholder
    • securities account details (number, name, address)
    • Transaction type (purchase/sale/lending etc.)
    • transaction date
    • value of the transaction
    • number of shares
    • security name and ISIN code,
    • name of the counterparties of the transactions
    • current securities holding per transaction, that is the final holding after settlement of the transaction. For instance: you hold 1,000 shares and buy 500 shares. The current holding after the trade will be 1,500 shares.

Further information

Further information about the standard reclaim of withholding tax may be found under our Market Taxation Guide - Belgium.

For further information, please contact the Clearstream Banking Tax Help Desk, Clearstream Banking Client Services or your Relationship Officer.
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