France: Tax process for Essentially Registered Shares – Gecina ISIN FR0010040865


In Announcement D17005, dated 20 January 2017 Clearstream Banking AG1 informed that as of 27 January 2017 Essentially Registered Shares are no longer processed via the direct link between CBF and ESES, but via the Clearstream Banking S.A. (“CBL”) link to ESES.

We hereby inform you that the next CASCADE dividend payment made on Essentially Registered Shares will be:

Gecina ISIN FR0010040865 with Payment Date 7 July 2017

In relation to the tax process, customers should be aware that:

  • Dividends paid as of 27 January 2017 for Essentially Registered Shares fall under the responsibility of CBL’s local custodian, BNP Paribas Securities Services, acting as withholding tax agent, and consequently
  • To secure tax relief on these dividends, valid tax certification must be in place for the CBL activity. As each withholding tax agent is under the obligation to receive original certification in order to apply reduced tax rates, the tax documentation submitted for CBF cannot be used for these securities processed via CBL.

Impact on customers

For any CASCADE dividend payment made on Essentially Registered Shares, including the upcoming payment of Gecina, customers wanting to apply for reduced tax rates on behalf of eligible beneficial owners, must ensure that the tax certification and SWIFT instruction described in the Market Taxation Guide - France (CASCADE) is provided to CBL, if not already done for their 2017 activity, by the requested Clearstream Banking deadlines.

In absence of complete and valid certification, the maximum tax rate will be applied.


1. Diese Kundenmitteilung wurde herausgegeben von Clearstream Banking AG (CBF) mit Gesellschaftssitz Mergenthalerallee 61, 65760 Eschborn, Deutschland, eingetragen im Handelsregister des Amtsgerichts Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland, unter der Nummer HRB 7500.