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Clearstream’s banking services simplify liquidity management and ensure customers have full control of their cash 24/7. Getting an instant overview of cash positions and drawing on pre-determined credit facilities ensures maximum liquidity during peak demand times or unpredictable market events.

Three new CCB offshore Renminbi accounts open in Luxembourg, Singapore and Frankfurt

Clearstream increases the choice of offshore Renminbi accounts to five in four leading financial centres.

Joint study with PWC on hidden benefits of T2S

TARGET2-Securities has potential to reduce capital shortfall under Basel III rules by 33 billion Euros.

Clearstream appoints Standard Chartered Bank for Middle Eastern currencies

From the second quarter of 2015, Standard Chartered Bank will act as Clearstream’s Cash Correspondent Bank for Emirati Dirham, Bahraini Dinar and Omani Rial. The Omani Rial will be eligible for settlement for the first time at Clearstream.

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