CASCADE Testing and Simulation


Clearstream Banking AG, Frankfurt (CBF) offers customers a testing and simulation environment.

KUSTA Data Carrier – Test files for customer simulation starting 23 April 2018

The reorganisation of the KUSTA Data Carrier “CBF Customers” will become effective 7 May 2018 in the production environment. In order to allow customers a verification of the future format and structure the following test files have been created:

  • KUSTA Data Carrier “CBF Customers” – Full Mode;
  • KUSTA Data Carrier “CBF Customers” – Delta Mode;
  • Internet File containing information for “CBF Customers”.

The KUSTA Data Carrier test files will only be visible in the Attachments section below if logged in as a Premium User.

Each test file was created according to the requirements for dedicated test scenarios. Therefore, each file contains specifc data. The files must be viewed independently, that is, the data is neither harmonised nor compatible.

The content of these files does not represent the data stored in the CBF Customer Simulation environment (IMS23). A modification of customer data in this environment would lead to inconstistencies and have a negative impact of further customer test activities. Hence, customers must not compare the data shown in IMS23 with the test data in the files.