Extended alternative fund data service

Following growing regulatory requirements for compliance and anti-money laundering purposes, fund distributors and investors are increasingly looking for specific reference data and pricing for their holdings in alternative investments such as hedge funds and private equity. 

As a result, Clearstream is now offering dynamic and static hedge funds data through partnership with data specialist HedgePole. The new service, VestimaPRIME Data provides a combined pricing and reference data package for requested information on alternative funds, based on the customer’s eligibility and the fund manager’s authorisation. This new data service will support investors and fund distributors in the maintenance of their hedge fund portfolio, from reference data and pricing to customised reporting.
With the VestimaPRIME Data service, clients can now select their own criteria and obtain a comprehensive service for their transactions in hedge funds from one source.

About HedgePole

HedgePole is a well-established service and technology provider focused on the operations, data sourcing, processing and distribution in the alternative investments space. The company’s track record, fund market coverage, sophisticated technology platform HedgeData, as well as in-depth knowledge of operational processes made HedgePole an ideal partner for Clearstream in regards to offering alternative funds price collection and reference data maintenance services to its Vestima clients.