Connectivity solutions

Our global connectivity network has more than 6,000 connections in 26 countries, and interconnects the world’s financial communities. It serves as the foundation for a wide and growing range of reliable network solutions. The network is built to the highest possible standards using the latest technologies and industry leading components, allowing you to build and run your mission-critical services with confidence.

Whether you need to securely access financial markets, receive real-time market data, deliver your applications and services to your customers or interconnect various office sites and data centres, our network offers complete reliability, speed and availability. Through our global connectivity, you can deliver your services to customers across continents, including Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Venues and services on our network

  • AlphaFlash
  • Budapest Stock Exchange
  • Bulgarian Stock Exchange
  • CEF real-time data feeds
  • Central Counterparty (CCP)
  • Central European Gas Hub
  • Eurex
  • Eurex Bonds
  • Eurex Repo
  • Eurex Vienna
  • European Energy Exchange
  • German regional exchanges
  • Irish Stock Exchange
  • Ljubljana Stock Exchange
  • Prague Stock Exchange
  • Scoach Europa AG
  • Singapore Exchange
  • Tradegate Exchange
  • Vienna Stock Exchange
  • Xetra Frankfurt