Mexico: Implementation of T+2 settlement cycle


Effective from trade date

5 September 2017

the Mexican Stock Exchange will set the settlement of the below securities at Trade Date plus two business days (T+2).

It is important to mention that this change is subject to the actual implementation of the T+2 cycle in the United States on the same date:

Equity market:

  • Stocks listed by Industrial, Commercial and Service Companies, and in Investment Promotion Corporations (SAPIBs);
  • Stocks listed by Financial Institutions;
  • Stocks listed by foreign companies;
  • Stocks listed on the “SIC Capitales” (International Quotation System) that have U.S. and Canada as their origin markets;
  • Ordinary Participation Certificates representing Shares (CPOs);
  • Exchange Traded Funds and Debt Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs and Debt ETFs);
  • Development Capital Certificates (CCDs);
  • Certificates over Investment Projects (CERPIS);
  • Fibras (REITs) and Fibra E (Energy and Infrastructure Certificates);
  • Certificates representing Mortgage Trusts;
  • Coupon Rights.


  • Stock and CPO Warrants;
  • Stock basket and CPO Warrants;
  • Domestic and foreign stock index Warrants.

Markets and securities

From the above date, the settlement cycle for the above mentioned securities will change from T+3 and T+1 respectively to T+2. Money market securities settlement cycle will remain unchanged.

We continue to monitor the situation in the Mexican market and will provide further information as it becomes available.

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