Creation Link Guide - Georgia


Key features

Settlement free of paymentYes
Settlement against paymentNo
Bridge settlementNo
Shaping facilityNo
Partial settlementNo
Settlement penalty feesNo

Back-to-back processingNo
AllegementsYesOnly for Government-issued securities settled with the Central Bank of Georgia.
Automatic compensationNo
Registered securitiesN/A

There is no registration of securities in Georgia as a separate process; an automatic and simultaneous registration process instead applies upon the purchase or sale of securities.

Multi Market SecuritiesNo
Lending and borrowingNo
Proxy votingNo
Investment FundsNo
Liquidity Hub ConnectNo
Sale and purchase of rightsNo
Repo servicesNo
Market restrictionsNo
FATCA GIINYesBank of Georgia: K5YGNR.00000.LE.268
Type of linkCSD or settlement method
Indirect link for sovereign debt CSD-eligible securitiesNational Bank of Georgia (NBG)
Indirect link for supranational and international financial institutional (IFI) bondsJSC United Securities Registrar of Georgia