Entitlement Compensation Rules - Austria



Market compensation basis:Not applicable
Automatic Compensation Managed by Local CSD:Not applicable
Restriction on custody events/transaction types:Not applicable
Additional information:
The date of entitlement for coupon payments and redemptions is the day before coupon date (=Record Date) and going forward CBL will send notifications to clients with the record date RDTE.
Service offered by CBL:Not applicable


Market compensation basis:Trade Date and Settlement Date
Automatic Compensation Managed by Local CSD:Yes
Restriction on custody events/transaction types:No restriction
Additional information:

Entitlements are based on settled positions at close of business on record date. Entitlements out of pending trades as well as failed trades are determined by the Trade date: if Trade date is before Ex-date and settlement date is after record date, entitlement must be compensated with the counterparty.

Trade date determines the legal ownership of corporate entitlements, which means that transactions with Trade date before Ex-date are entitled.

All income entitlements for trades with trade date before Ex-date and settled after record date and/or payment date of the dividend payment are automatically claimed, processed and booked (credited or debited) with value date of the effective settlement date of the applicable transaction.
Compensation proceeds are subject to withholding tax. Please refer to the Market Taxation Guide for further information.
Service offered by CBL:Adjustment is performed based on information received from the depository.