Creation Link Guide - Belgium - Securities eligible in Euroclear Belgium (EBE) SA/NV


Key features

Settlement in T2SYes
Settlement free of paymentYes
Settlement against paymentYesEligible settlement currency: Euro (EUR)
Bridge settlementYes
Partial settlementYes
Settlement penalty feesNo
Hold and releaseYesHold and release service
Transaction linkingYes
Bilateral compensationYes
Registered securitiesYesThe remaining registered shares are generally kept in the books of the issuing agents.
Transaction managementYes
Multi-Market securitiesYesLimited to transfers to and from T2S Out CSDs.
Lending and borrowingYes
Proxy votingYes
Investment FundsYesCSD-eligible investment funds only
Liquidity Hub ConnectYes
Sale and purchase of rightsNo
Repo servicesNo
Market restrictionsNo
FATCA GIINYes1G159I.00207.ME.250
Type of linkCSD or settlement method
Direct link to Euroclear Belgium operated by BNP Paribas Securities Services (BP2S) ParisEuroclear Belgium (EBE SA/NV)