Creation Link Guide - Finland


Key features

Settlement free of paymentYes  
Settlement against paymentYes Eligible settlement currency: Euro (EUR).
Against payment settlement in EUR is not applicable to non-EUR denominated securities in Infinity.
Bridge settlementYes 
Shaping facilityNo 
Partial settlementNo 
Settlement penalty feesNo 
Pre-matchingYesImmediate release flag.
Back-to-back processingYesNot applicable to securities in Infinity.
AllegementsYesNot applicable to securities in Infinity.
Automatic compensationYesAdjustments (trade date after ex date but settlement after record date) for trades on equities with the settlement cycle of T+2 and above.
Registered securitiesYesRegistration takes place automatically upon settlement.
Multi Market SecuritiesYes 
Lending and borrowingYes 
Proxy votingYes 
Investment FundsNo 
Liquidity Hub ConnectNo 
Sale and purchase of rightsYesOnly sale of rights is available.
Repo servicesYes 
Market restrictionsYesSecurities that are beneficially owned by Finnish nationals cannot be held in CBL.
FATCA GIINYesEuroclear Finland: G7IYVV.99999.SL.246
Nordea Bank AB Finnish branch: NATWSC.00025.ME.246
Type of linkCSD or settlement method
Direct link operated by Nordea Bank AB Finnish branch.Euroclear Finland (EFI).