Creation Link Guide - Dubai (NASDAQ Dubai)


Key features

Settlement free of paymentYes For NCBO transfers only.
Settlement against paymentYesEligible settlement currencies can be either United States Dollar (USD) or (UAE Dirham) AED., depending on the currency that the security trades in.
Bridge settlementYes For fixed income instruments only.
Shaping facilityNo 
Partial settlementNo Yes
Settlement penalty feesYesRefer to the Market Profile.
Back-to-back processingNo 
Automatic compensationNo 
Registered securitiesYesRegistration takes place automatically upon settlement.
Multi Market SecuritiesYesRefer to the Multi-Market Securities Guide.
Lending and borrowingNo 
Proxy votingYes 
Investment FundsNo 
Liquidity Hub ConnectNo 
Sale and purchase of rightsNo 
Repo servicesYesInternal. Refer to the CmaX Product Guide.
Market restrictions YesRefer to Investment Regulation.
FATCA GIINYes Y0M5J7.00000.BR.528
MiscellaneousYesInternal settlement is allowed but will be reported on a monthly basis to NASDAQ Dubai who will treat such transactions as an On-Exchange trade for all purposes.
Type of linkCSD or settlement method
Indirect link through Deutsche Bank Amsterdam via Deutsche Custody NV to NASDAQ DubaiNASDAQ Dubai