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Clearstream ensures accurate settlement in global and international securities, and domestic securities traded across borders. Transactions for selected stock exchanges/ instruments are also automatically routed to us. Our secure, straight-through processing is efficient, near risk-free and real-time

Direct access to Polish CSD KDPW for EUR denominated mortgage bonds

Clearstream will deposit EUR denominated mortgage bonds on its direct account at the Polish CSD KDPW and allow customers to settle all against payment transactions on those securities in EUR through its account at TARGET2.

Bridge matching to be near real-time

Clearstream, together with Euroclear Bank, will offer an improved matching process for Bridge instructions from 19 June 2017. The matching process will be near real-time and the number of inter-ICSD settlement transmissions almost tripled.

CASCADE-RS services for shareholder transparency

Demand for shareholder transparency and harmonisation on shareholder data is growing. With CASCADE-RS for registered shares, our German CSD provides a convenient tool to comply easily.

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