The Royal Bank of Scotland N.V. : Transfer of essential parts of business operations


As already stated in customer announcements D11038 of 25 August 2011, D11045 of 30 September 2011 and D11064 of 28 December 2011, essential parts of the business operations of "The Royal Bank of Scotland N.V." will be transferred to "The Royal Bank of Scotland plc".

Notification of the issuer

The issuer announces the following concerning the securities and respective guarantees issued by RBS N.V. within the scope of the planned Dutch procedure:

The planned transfers will be executed in several stages during a time period up to 31 December 2013, and a large portion of the planned transfers (including specific securities issued by RBS N.V.) are envisaged to be transferred by the end of 2012.

It is expected that the planned transfers will result in a transfer of an essential part of the business operations of RBS N.V. in the Netherlands as well as certain EMEA branches of RBS N.V. (the "business segments to be transferred") to RBS plc. These transfers are to lead to a spin off (the "spin-off") of the business segments to be transferred to RBS II B.V. (a Dutch company in the Netherlands with the status of a bank, which was founded solely for the purpose of the Dutch procedure), with a subsequent merger of RBS II B.V. into RBS plc by way of a cross-border merger (together with the spin-off of the "Dutch procedure"). Among other things, the Dutch procedure is subject to legal and supervisory authority approvals.

Contact person at the issuer:

RBS Group Investor Relations
Emete Hassan (Head of Debt Investor Relations)
Telephone: +44 207 672 1758

RBS Group Media Relations
Michael Strachan (Group Media Centre)
Telephone: +44 131 523 4414

Notification from Clearstream Banking

In this context, the issuer (RBSN.V.) has requested that the customers of Clearstream Banking be provided with two additional corresponding notifications.

You can obtain this information as well as a file, which contains the securities classes for which this information is intended, by sending an email to with the reference "RBS4" in the subject line.