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  1. News 18.9.2017

    Final wave successfully migrates to T2S

    LuxCSD, CBL, CBF Legacy | Spain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania | Settlement
  2. Announcement 15.9.2017

    T2S final wave: Impact on Clearstream Banking services - update II

    CBL | Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain | Custody, Settlement
  3. Announcement 14.9.2017

    T2S final wave: Spain - fixed income transaction types and formats - update II

    CBL | Spain | Settlement
  4. Announcement 23.8.2017

    T2S Final Wave: Impact on Clearstream Banking services – cutover details

    CBL, LuxCSD | Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia | Settlement, Custody
  5. Announcement 6.7.2017

    T2S final wave: Cross-border transfers of foreign T2S eligible multi-listed securities from remote to home markets between T2S In-CSDs

    CBL | Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Spain, Latvia, France, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands | Settlement
  6. Article 2.6.2017

    Settlement process in T2S

    CBL, LuxCSD, CBF Legacy, CBF OneClearstream | Market Reference
  7. News 24.3.2016

    ECB Confirms T2S Migration Schedule

    LuxCSD, CBL, CBF Legacy | Central Bank Money
  8. News 5.2.2016

    Clearstream to migrate to T2S in February 2017

    LuxCSD, CBF Legacy, CBL | Settlement
  9. News 11.12.2015

    CSG announces revised T2S migration schedule

    LuxCSD, CBL, CBF Legacy | Settlement