Detailed Functional Descriptions


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Note: The Attachement “DFD Supplement” provides additional updates and clarifations for some of the below DFDs.

The information previously contained in the DFDs "Connectivity DCP“ and "Connectivity ICP” is available in the respective handbooks.


DFD Supplement

Cash Management

  • Specifics of T2S Dedicated Cash Accounts (DCAs) and their links to T2S securities accounts (SACs)
  • Cash management related to securities settlement
  • Cash settlement outside of T2S (for example foreign currencies)
  • Cash payments out of corporate actions within and outside T2S
  • CBF Cash Forecast
  • Automated Liquidity Transfers to DCAs
  • T2S auto-collateralisation
  • Changes in cash reporting
  • Discontinuation of redundant functionalities and services

CBF Business Day

  • Public holidays
  • CBF business day

CBF Reports

  • Changes within CBF’s proprietary reports

Cross-border Settlement

  • Different cross-border link types and setups
  • Cross-border settlement processes
  • Submission of cross-border instructions
  • Reporting of cross-border transactions


  • Changes in the event processing due to T2S
  • Notification/entitlement
  • Payment management
  • Transaction management
  • Tax management

Domestic OTC Settlement in T2S

  • T2S instruction types
  • New T2S functionality (for example hold/release, linking, partial settlement)
  • Matching in T2S
  • Process changes of CBF specific transaction types in T2S (for example. BSV/LSV transfers, conversion/re-conversion etc.)
  • Handling of registered shares in T2S

Global Securities Financing Services

  • CBF services for securities lending and borrowing via an internal application
  • CBF services for collateral management via the system Xemac®

New Issues and Vaults Processing

  • Processing of deposits and withdrawals
  • Processing of Electronic Data Transmission (EDT)
  • Changes in the reporting for vaults and new issues

Static Data - Account Setup

  • T2S account structure
  • Mapping of CBF accounts on T2S
  • Opening of necessary accounts and application of settlement specific attributes
  • Changes within KUSTA file

Static Data - Securities Setup

  • T2S eligibility of securities that can be settled via CBF
  • Securities static data in T2S

Stock Exchange Settlement

  • RegÜber account settlement
  • LION specific functionality (for example partial delivery)
  • Settlement of CCP instructions