Information by wave

Information on the impacts of individual waves is also published via announcements and updates to our website. This information is collected and categorised by wave here.

Wave 1

Wave 1 went live on 22 June 2015, migrating Greece, Malta, Romania, Switzerland and Italy.

Our Link Guides for these markets have been updated to reflect these changes and are available in the Market Coverage section of our website

Wave 2

Wave 2 saw the migration of the Portuguese market, as well as moving Belgian government bonds to the platform.

A summary of the impacts this had on our ICSD’s services is provided here.

Wave 3

Wave 3 took place on 12 September 2016, featuring the migration of the Euroclear ESES markets as well as VP Denmark and VP Luxembourg.

Wave 4

Clearstream’s CSDs migrated on 6 February 2017 in wave 4. Along with Clearstream, CSDs in Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Austria migrated.

A summary of the advantages Clearstream customers will enjoy post-migration to T2S is provided on our Access T2S via Clearstream page.

Final Wave

Iberclear along with the Baltic CSDs in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will migrate in the final T2S wave on 18 September 2017. Euroclear Finland will migrate at a later date.