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This 10th edition of T2S bulletin is a very special one as after more than 10 years we have successfully migrated our two CSDs to T2S. The bulletin further gives some news and insights about Deutsche Bank’s perspective of T2S and an outlook to the OneClearstream offering.

You can find the T2S Bulletin 10 here.

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Servicing the full lifecycle of German government debt

German federal debt, and especially Bunds, will account for a large percentage of government debt settled on T2S. It is therefore essential to choose the right CSD for handling this important asset class.

As the primary market infrastructure for all German securities, Clearstream’s issuer CSD in Germany is the closest link between T2S and German debt instruments. Both Clearstream’s ICSD and its CSD in Germany play a key role in facilitating Bund auctions as well as in income distribution and redemption proceeds. Clearstream is the biggest lender of Bunds in the world making it a major source of Bunds in the market.

Clearstream is the natural depository for this asset class in T2S: it is uniquely positioned to cover the entire lifecycle of German debt from issuance to asset servicing with unique local market knowledge, access to settlement in T2S and award-winning collateral management services.

You can find more information here.

T2S Info sessions

These sessions, organised by the ECB, serve to provide information on the progress of the TARGET2-Securities project to all interested external stakeholders as well as to obtain feedback on current proposals. The schedule is available here.


Some videos that outline T2S major aspects and benefits are available below.

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