New graduates

Our new graduate Pragat Raj Kaur introduces herself and gives a brief description of her working environment in Clearstream.

Pragat Raj Kaur

My name is Pragat Raj Kaur and I come from Hyderabad, India and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering. My journey from India to Europe began with my Masters in Heilbronn, Germany, followed by an internship within Change Management at Clearstream.

Coming to Germany from India was in itself a big step for me due to the different culture, food, education, life, people and everything really. I had no idea that in a couple of months I would start my internship at Clearstream, Luxembourg.

When I arrived in Luxembourg, I was impressed to see how international it is, especially given the number of languages spoken there! It has a beautiful and pleasant city, it offers good restaurants, museums, nightlife and the best thing about Luxembourg is that you can easily explore three other European countries (Belgium, Germany and France) as it shares the border with them.

"I still remember my first day at Clearstream"

I was anxious and a little overwhelmed, wondering if I would fit in such an international company but my Change Management team (my managers, mentor and colleagues) welcomed me, were supportive and made me feel at ease. This internship provided me the opportunity to learn about Business Testing activities. I was involved in the allocation of business testers to the different projects and in the planning the testing activities. I was also responsible for sending Business Testing statistics to top management.

During my internship, I already started looking for an employment position that would match my educational background. After some research, I came across an internal opening in Connectivity Support, ICSD within the Connectivity department.

The position requires both IT and management skills so I was keen on applying for it. Fortunately, my internship also required me to attend a few meetings with the Connectivity department and that is how I met the team and learnt about their work which increased my interest to work with them.

I applied and was quickly invited for an interview, first with HR and then with the Connectivity manager. I have also learnt a lot through my job process: First, always make yourself available and explore your network and second, great opportunities don't come along often. So, when they do, you have to grab them.

"Honestly, I am happy to have the same positive team experience with Connectivity that I shared with the Change Management team but of course, the work is different."

The Connectivity department provides accurate and timely information to customers about Clearstream’s suite of applications. The applications provide customers with real time information on instruction statuses, cash and securities positions, corporate action notification and the latest market information. Working in the Connectivity department helped me to gain a greater knowledge of Clearstream's business and the applications in particular, such as CreationOnline, ClearstreamXact, Vestima, MainFrame Services, and I use my newly gained knowledge to train clients and resolve their Connectivity related issues.

When you resolve the issue of a client, you feel a great deal of satisfaction and if you have to investigate further with other teams within the company then it is sometimes challenging to let the customer know that the feedback will take some more time. In any job, you have ups and downs but this is how you always improve, to create a better version of yourself.

"Clearstream provided me with a platform to gain insight into a Financial Institution"

You also get to work, on a daily basis, with the people from different parts of the world. For example, my colleagues in Connectivity are from Belgium, England, Luxembourg, Peru, Portugal, France, Italy, Poland, Russia, Senegal and now India too! I learned so much from them and broadened my horizon. In addition, Clearstream offers many facilities such as good quality canteen food, a fitness centre, language courses and Charity events. Furthermore, the location of Clearstream's office in Luxembourg is quite good, for example if you are a movie buff the Cinema is just across the street!All in all, it has been an incredible journey at Clearstream and there is still more to learn, new challenges to come, people with different cultural backgrounds to meet and in general discover more about myself.

Pragat was working as an intern in Clearstream's Change Management team and now works in the Connectivity Division.