CSDR customer readiness


Clearstream Banking is committed to informing its customers as early as possible regarding the foreseen changes to its services and functionalities in relation to its compliance with EU Central Securities Depositories regulation No 909/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014 (CSDR).

In addition, Clearstream Banking has published Frequently asked questions with regards to Settlement Discipline Regime (SDR).

Please note that the attached documents, which will be only visible in the Attachments section below if logged in as a Premium User, represent the state of information available to Clearstream group CSDs at the date of publication. 

The CSDR Customer Readiness team can be reached at CSDRCustomerReadiness@clearstream.com

Further CSDR information

A20076 20.05.2020New issues back valuation rules
 C2001805.05.2020Settlement Discipline Regime: Penalties and buy-ins - CBF
A20054 14.04.2020Securities Collateral Tier Value and Highly Liquid Collateral (HLC)
A20047 02.04.2020Settlement Discipline Regime: Penalties and buy-ins - CBL
A20021 24.02.2020Settlement Discipline Regime: Adaptation of settlement functionalities




Collateral concentration limits




Haircuts on collateral value of securities
A18116 06.09.2018CSDR: Postponement of collateral requirement changes for October 2018
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A18073 11.05.2018CSDR changes go live on 14 May 2018
C18021D1803202.05.2018Information for issuer agents on their reconciliation obligation
A18037 21.03.2018New eligibility criteria for securities where Clearstream Banking S.A. and/or Euroclear Bank NV/SA are the issuer CSD - reminder
D17077 08.01.2018Usage of assets - update