Clearstream successfully supports Kazakh Tenge international bond issuances


Clearstream’s efforts over the past months to support, together with key supranational entities, the issuance of Kazakh Tenge (KZT)-denominated Eurobonds are showing considerable progress.

Building on the international market’s proven and robust track record in bringing issuers and investors together, KZT-denominated Eurobonds issued recently have exceeded the equivalent of €140 million. With further issuance expected, Clearstream continues to support this growing segment. Eurobonds are a popular route for issuers and investors alike to gain exposure to frontier and emerging markets. Clearstream’s ICSD issuance infrastructure provides a secure and flexible solution that has a broad reach among investors participating in the primary and secondary markets.

In addition to offering KZT-denominated Eurobonds, in July 2018, Clearstream enhanced its access to the Caucasus and CIS region by opening a domestic link to include government bonds and national bank notes. This supports Clearstream’s strategic aim to provide its global customers with further access to the region, enabling emerging markets to promote the capital-raising initiatives of local issuers.

Arnaud Delestienne, Head of Eurobonds Business at Clearstream, said: “We have been supporting capital markets growth for nearly 50 years and have constantly enhanced our Eurobonds offering in terms of instruments, currencies and issuers. We are delighted to facilitate these new, significant developments around the Kazakh Tenge, which demonstrate the crucial role Eurobonds can play in helping economies of all sizes to evolve.”