Clearstream and Bourse Direct to passport German-issued securities into France


- Bourse Direct chooses European Issuer Portal to provide German-issued structured products to French market

- Clearstream’s well-established solution does away with need for issuance in several markets

Bourse Direct has chosen Clearstream’s European Issuer Portal to distribute German-issued structured products to French investors. Germany is the largest market for structured products in Europe with around 4 million structured products issued annually.

The European Issuer Portal offers an efficient issuance process that allows for consolidation in one single place, while extending issuers’ reach to counterparties in several other markets. This avoids the need to issue the same products in multiple countries, creating operational and cost efficiencies for issuers and distributors alike.

Catherine Nini, CEO of Bourse Direct, said: “We are very proud to become a member of Clearstream’s European Issuer Portal. It is a real innovation and will allow us to develop our activity in the ETP products area in the French market. We would like to thank all the Clearstream teams for their efficiency.”

Philippe Mueller, Head of Issuer CSD at Clearstream, added: “The European Issuer Portal was developed in close collaboration with market participants. By avoiding redundant issuance in different countries, it fosters standardisation and harmonisation of European markets. We are excited to welcome Bourse Direct as our latest member, another step towards realising these goals.”