T2S: Delay in receiving the Return Business Day Information camt.019 – EUR DvP settlement continues until 19:00 CET.


Due to the earlier issues encountered in T2S, the EUR DvP cut-off will be now moved by three hours, that is, from 16:00 CET to 19:00 CET, by joint decision of the 4CB.

The following consequences are expected:

  • EUR RMIC will take place at 19:15 CET.
  • EUR cash sweep will be at 19:45 CET.
  • EUR FOP cut-off will be at 20:00 CET.
  • Change of business day will be at 20:45 CET.
  • NTS will start at 22:00 CET.
  • Delayed T2 closure.

Clearstream will keep its customers informed as soon as an update is available.