OneClearstream Spain Migration - Update 1


Please be informed that Clearstream has started its OneClearstream OTD+35 market rollout activities for Spain, as communicated in previous announcements.

Please note that it is planned to release queued and recycled domestic settlement instructions, during the course of the migration to the new depository Clearstream Banking Frankfurt (CBF) on Friday around 15:30. 

Clearstream will keep customers informed about the migration progress as per the following schedule (all timings are indicative, and customers will be informed if there are any significant delays):



Activity to be confirmed


Thu 09:00

Clearstream has started the market rollout activities.


Thu 16:00

ISINs in scope of the market rollout have been provided to WM and are available on the OneClearstream page together with the ISINs being postponed.


Thu 18:45

Point of No Return.


Fri 11:30

The list of ISINs to be populated with the LMP from date has been shared with WM and is available on the OneClearstream page.


Fri 12:30

Early cut-off time for domestic settlement in the domestic markets has been put in place and the cancellation of pending unmatched external settlement instructions in the domestic markets has started.


Fri 13:30  

The cancellation of pending unmatched external settlement instructions has been sent to the domestic market and the Clearstream Banking (CBL) position transfer has started.


Fri 15:30

Release of queued and recycled domestic settlement instructions to CBF.


Fri 18:45

The CBL position transfer has been completed and customer instructions are released to the domestic market (CBF).


Fri 22:00

The migration activities are completed.
Note: Any exceptions will be reported with this communication.

Clearstream asks customers to raise any market rollout-related question with their regular Client Services team.