CBF July 2022 Release Status Update No. 14 – SET-GO: Transmission of Migration Reports 3


Clearstream Banking AG (CBF) informs customers that the deployment activities for the SET-GO CSD Migration (Phase 2) are progressing.  

The Migration Report 3 (list of not successfully migrated trades) is being prepared for transmission via the connectivity channels to which customers have subscribed. The report contains only SE instructions in custody type CSC or NCSC-T from the SET-GO CSD Migration (Phase 2) that have either been rejected or are being repaired by SETI as part of the migration process. No report will be provided if all instructions listed in Migration Report 1 have been successfully migrated.  

Customers need to take into account that Migration Report 3 presents SETI error codes only.

The processing of new SE instructions (Tagesgeschäfte) has been initiated. SETI already created the instructions towards the T2S settlement platform. Instructions for non-CCP trades in custody type NCSC are also forwarded to Creation.  

The next Operational News is scheduled for today, at around 12:00.