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Clearstream is responsible for the management, safekeeping and administration of securities on deposit. Services include the distribution and settlement processing of new issues, income and redemption payments, corporate actions, tax and proxy voting services, as well as safekeeping services.

OneClearstream: Our integrated service level

Delivering more through harmonised services, our OneClearstream service level spans Clearstream's CSD and ICSD entities, and LuxCSD via one platform.

Excellence in Asset Servicing

Timely, accurate information and flexible processes are crucial for reducing risk and costs. By remaining on top of the situation, we minimise business and market impact and safeguard our customers, allowing them to operate without disruption.

Easing the implementation of FATCA

Clearstream reviews account processes to help our customers comply with FATCA. This and all you need to know about the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act is available on our FATCA dedicated web section.

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