Tax Reclaim Service


Eligibility criteria and procedures for tax reclaims vary from market to market. To assist you in the tax reclaim process, a detailed tax guide for each market is available under Markets and Assets.

Each tax guide describes the eligibility criteria, as well as the procedures to follow for submitting a tax reclaim.

Proactive tax reclaim

Under our standard tax reclaim service, customers generate, sign and lodge refund claims on their own initiative.

To further assist you in the reclaim process, we offer the ProActTax reclaim service. As part of this service, we generate and prepare reclaim forms and certifications for our customers, and we submit the forms and initiate the reclaim process with the relevant tax authorities on behalf of the beneficial owners upon receipt of the original validated and certified reclaim forms from our customers.

The ProActTax reclaim service is currently provided across the following markets:

Source countryType of income
ItalyDividend and interest
SwitzerlandDividend and interest