Cash and banking services

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Clearstream’s banking services simplify liquidity management and ensure customers have full control of their cash 24/7. Getting an instant overview of cash positions and drawing on pre-determined credit facilities ensures maximum liquidity during peak demand times or unpredictable market events.

FX Services - Supporting your investment operations on a global scale

Clearstream offers a full range of solutions to process FX transactions and support customers including central banks in their investment operations across multiple markets.

T2S Dedicated Cash Account Statement now available

Clearstream, together with selected European central banks, has built a service to provide eligible customers with T2S DCA cash statements via their Clearstream account.

Foreign Exchange (FX) services - Reminder

Customers can retrieve the FX rate in the sequence: Optional Repeatable B, Tag: 61, Field name: Statement Line and Subfield 9 in their MT950 (money statement) report on trade date.

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