CBF Fileservice migration to ClearstreamXact - Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Detailed information on the scope elements, the implementation and migration approach as well as customer readiness activities is available in Announcement D22076.

  1. Is the connectivity tool LIMA File Transfer affected by the CBF Fileservice migration to Xact Web Portal?
    No, different delivery channels are used for the distribution of reports. The removal of the DBAG online portal for downloading reports does not require any changes to the automated message flow via CBF LIMA.
  2. At the moment, there are no fees to be paid for the files provided through the CBF Fileservice. Will this change with the CBF Fileservice migration to Xact Web Portal?
    Customers who already use Xact Web Portal can continue to access the files free of charge via Xact CBF File Service.
  3. How are accounts authorised for use in Xact Web Portal that are currently only set up in the CBF Fileservice?
    The account can be added to an existing Organisational Unit (OU), or a new OU needs to be created in Xact Web Portal.
  4. How do customers apply for access to ClearstreamXact?
    These customers need to contact their Relationship Manager so that the related application form can be provided to Clearstream.
  5. How do customers apply for access to CBF Fileservice?    
    These customers need to complete an application form which will be available under Information Reports. Option to be chosen is NEW.
  6. How long does the Xact Web Portal onboarding process take?    
    This may take up to six weeks, depending on the already existing infrastructure, for example, the Xact Organisational Unit (OU) already existing. 
  7. How can access to the testing environment (OCCT) for Xact CBF File Service be requested?    
    Application for an access to the ClearstreamXact simulation environment OCCT is done by completing the related Xact Application form with a comment SIMULATION on it. The form is to be sent to connect@clearstream.com.
  8. How do customers change (for example, subscribe to additional reports) or cancel their CBF Fileservice access?    
    The related application form will be available under Information Reports. Option to be chosen is MODIFY or DELETE.
  9. How do users get access rights to the Xact CBF File Service?    
    For the migration on 2 May 2023, the Xact Organisational Units (OU) with accounts set up today for the CBF Fileservice will be assigned with the new service under the Reporting menu. The new CBF File Service rights will be available under Reporting and is to be distributed by the customer’s administrator to the users who will retrieve the CBF files and reports.
  10. Can customers check themselves who currently has access to their accounts in the CBF Fileservice?
    If necessary, a request must be sent to T2S-Support@clearstream.com or to secuadmin@deutsche-boerse.com.
  11. How can reports be retrieved that are no longer available in the CBF Fileservice or via Xact Web Portal after the end of the retention period?    
    Historical reports that cannot be retrieved anymore via the portal, can be ordered via connect@clearstream.com. This service will be charged. The request to the Connectivity Help Desk must contain the following details: 
    - CBF account number: XXXX 000
    - Report name as defined in Xact Web Portal
    - File name related to the description in Xact Web Portal
    - Date / period: DD.MM.YYYY to DD.MM.YYYY
  12. Does Clearstream support a customer simulation?    
    For the Xact CBF File Service, there will be a guided simulation from 27 February to 24 March 2023. The registration form for the simulation will be published along with the Simulation Guideline.