Xact Web Portal documentation


Xact Web Portal is a screen based, user to application (U2A) connectivity channel based on proven, up-to-date portal technology. The harmonised security and user management streamlines your access to a range of services.

Xact Web Portal provides you with a contemporary graphical user interface (GUI) and enhanced features for a wide range of our services. Collateral management services, asset services and settlement are already live on the Xact Web Portal, with securities lending and investment fund services to be added in the future, paving the way for a harmonised delivery of our full range of services to enable you to manage your assets most efficiently.

Xact Web Portal is designed to sit effortlessly alongside our existing connectivity channels, for our ICSD and LuxCSD business and CASCADE for our German CSD business; both of which remain an essential part of our connectivity framework.

To find out more about Xact Web Portal contact the Connectivity Helpdesk.

Xact Web Portal tutorials

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How to query for Corporate Action forecast movements / MT564)

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How to query and create Messages via Message Exchange

How to perform queries using Reference data

How to schedule and view/download reports

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How to create a user

How to change password when expiring

How to confirm a pending task through the dashboard

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How to schedule a report

How to check the details of a security

How to check the security balance

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