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As a specialised sub-custodian, Clearstream delivers state of the art solutions to standardise fund processing and to increase efficiency and safety in the investment funds sector. Our global funds processing platform Vestima provides access to all fund types from mutual funds to ETFs and hedge funds.

Time to review UK third-party funds custody

Pressures on UK platform operators’ and wealth managers’ margins have created a point of inflection in the market for back-office outsourcing services. What’s the explanation for sticking with subscale in-house third-party funds custody operations when the economic logic for outsourcing is so clear? Find out more in our whitepaper.

Supporting TAs in KYC due diligence measures

Clearstream helps transfer agents in their Anti Money Laundering (AML) and KYC due diligence measures in alignment with principles provided by key financial market associations.

Equities and ETFs – Servicing the full life cycle

Equities and ETFs have gained popularity amongst investors as these instruments highly fulfil investor objectives in terms of liquidity, low fees and transparency. Clearstream provides an integrated suite of services that supports your equity and ETF business in a safe and secure environment.

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