Fund Centre offering for fund providers


The Fund Centre platform opens the doors to more than 300 distribution partners, particularly in Europe and Asia. 

Fund provider benefits include:

  • A proven, reliable partner for distribution services;
  • Accessing a large and constantly growing international distribution network;
  • Improved cost efficiency and simplified operational processes through a single contract;
  • Access to Provider Explorer, the web-based innovative application for fund providers;
  • Insights into distribution accompanied by transparent reporting on the distribution channels;
  • Short time-to-market for adding new funds to the platform;
  • Support from a dedicated relationship manager who understands your needs and objectives.

Provider Explorer: Professional distribution management

Provider Explorer is a web-based platform application for fund providers.

Key features of Provider Explorer:

  • CRM contact details for fund provider;
  • Validation of product universe and pricing;
  • Simple online update of fund coverage through Clearstream Fund Centre;
  • List of Fund Centre distribution partners;
  • Access to distribution commission and service fee invoices;
  • Overview and evolution of:
    • Gross assets under administration and fund flows;
    • Largest holdings;
    • Distribution country breakdown and evolution;
    • Breakdown and evolution per distribution channel as well as for each single asset class.

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