Global Liquidity Hub

Clearstream’s global securities financing services are bundled under the Global Liquidity Hub. These include securities lending, borrowing and collateral management in cash, fixed income and equities.

The Global Liquidity Hub’s sophisticated collateral management system allows a high degree of flexibility, enabling a broad range of participants to implement individual service requirements.

Clearstream is constantly striving to extend the Global Liquidity Hub’s reach through partnerships with electronic trading platforms, central counterparties (CCPs), central securities depositories (CSDs) and agent banks, so that customers can cover all their exposures from Clearstream.

The Global Liquidity Hub manages collateral to cover all types of exposures in real time, across currencies, asset classes and time zones. Outsourcing collateral management to Clearstream as a neutral agent enables customers to focus on their core business, while benefiting from asset optimisation and full regulatory compliance.

Regulatory solutions

Clearstream offers dedicated services to help customers manage their reporting obligations.

For cleared and uncleared OTC derivative trades compliance under EMIR, Clearstream offers hollistic services covering registration, contract administration, settlement, strategic securities lending, collateral management and portfolio reconciliation. 

In the context of SFTR, that covers securities financing trades such as repo and securities lending, Clearstream plays a dual role. Firstly, acting as a triparty agent supporting customers in meeting their final reporting obligations, and secondly acting as a counterpart in various service offerings.