Global Liquidity Hub CSD services

Customers of Clearstream Banking Frankfurt, Clearstream’s German CSD, can benefit from the full suite of Global Liquidity Hub services to make the most of their assets.

Triparty collateral services help institutions overcome fragmentation through collateral optimisation. Customers can cover exposures across multiple locations such as Eurex Clearing and the Deutsche Bundesbank. Our flagship product, GC Pooling, which is available for both CSD and ICSD customers, enables secured and anonymous trading on an electronic money market trading platform for EUR and USD funding against collateral baskets. Eurex Clearing steps in as CCP, thereby ensuring an efficient, centralised risk management process. Corporates now also have the opportunity of investing their excess cash via the GC Pooling Select stream.

OTC Collateral enables customers to cover all their derivative exposures from a single collateral pool out of the Global Liquidity Hub. The service covers all aspects of bilateral collateral management from credit support annex (CSA) review and administration, mark-to-market, margining, dispute management and portfolio reconciliation to payment/settlement follow-up and reporting.