OTC Collateral

Bilateral collateral management solutions

OTC Collateral enables customers to cover all their derivative exposures from a single collateral pool out of the Global Liquidity Hub. The service covers all aspects of bilateral collateral management from CSA review and administration, mark-to-market, margining, dispute management and portfolio reconciliation to payment/settlement follow-up and reporting.

Full triparty reuse

The collateral received from bilateral transactions under the OTC Collateral service can be readily reused within the triparty environment of the Global Liquidity Hub. The full range of triparty products is available for reuse, including triparty repo, GC Pooling, reinvestment in money market funds for cash collateral and collateral transformation. Our collateral transformation services include OTC and centrally cleared repos, securities lending and pledges to central banks.

Overcome fragmentation

The integration of OTC Collateral into the award-winning Global Liquidity Hub helps customers overcome collateral fragmentation and optimise allocation by enabling them to cover over-the-counter, triparty and central counterparty (CCP) exposures from a single collateral pool.

While the focus is on OTC derivative exposures, OTC Collateral covers an entire suite of bilateral collateral management activities, including bilateral repo, securities lending and special collateral agreements which can be tailored to customers’ individual business needs.