SFTR Reporting Support Service


Supporting our Securities Lending customers in complying with SFTR

Clearstream Banking S.A. is acting as principal in ASLplus and ASL principal. As such, while doing our own reporting, our objective is to offer our customers the option to delegate their reporting to us (which we are allowed to do under the SFTR regulation). As a result of the undisclosed nature of the ASL (agency) programme, the reporting of the SFTs by the customers should indicate Clearstream Banking S.A. as other counterparty. Likewise ASLplus and ASL principal, Clearstream Banking S.A. also offers its ASL customers the option to delegate their reporting to us.

The SFTR Reporting Support Service relieves customers from the reporting burden and avoids additional efforts formerly needed to resolve reconciliation breaks. Our solution will also continually evolve to keep track of any regulatory driven required enhancements.

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