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As a specialised sub-custodian, Clearstream delivers state of the art solutions to standardise fund processing and to increase efficiency and safety in the investment funds sector. Our global funds processing platform Vestima provides access to all fund types from mutual funds to ETFs and hedge funds.

Report: Finding the best level of transparency

The latest report in partnership with Funds Europe highlights the need to be clear about the responsibilities borne by different market participants in the funds value chain and how an effective balance can be achieved between market efficiency and transparency of information.

Clearstream moves into distribution support

With the new Fund Desk product range, Clearstream enhances its Vestima One-stop for funds and acts upon market participants’ call for more data and transparency along the fund distribution chain.

Report: Innovative Solutions for the ETF Market

Fuelled by growing interest from issuers and investors, the ETF market has rapidly taken off in the last few years. This research paper analyses post-trading fragmentation issues, flexible solutions to improve process efficiencies in light of T2S and the internationalisation of markets.

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