Clearstream Fund Centre – Distribution Support

Clearstream’s Distribution Support platform Clearstream Fund Centre connects 300 distribution partners with more than 400 fund providers around the globe.

Clearstream Fund Centre provides centralised contract maintenance and commission management as well as the exchange of data and information between distribution partners and fund providers. The platform further provides eligibility support tools to distribution partners while also supporting fund providers in meeting their AML/KYD obligations. Additionally, Clearstream Fund Centre offers access to the intuitive and user-friendly web-based applications Fund Compass for distribution partners and Provider Explorer for fund providers.

Through Fund Compass, distribution partners have access to a variety of applications and features aimed at easing and simplifying their distribution efforts, fund analysis and fund research processes.

Through Provider Explorer, fund providers can efficiently and professionally manage their distribution relationships, have access to information on distribution partners and distribution allowing them to gain a deeper understanding on their distribution activity.

Thanks to continuously enhancing its platform services, Clearstream Fund Centre enables fund providers and distribution partners to stay one step ahead of the competition:

  • Continuous development and enhancement of service offering and web applications, using both internal and external solution providers;
  • Reduction of complexity, operational and administrative burden and costs.

Connecting fund providers and distribution partners

Distribution partners

Distribution partners using Clearstream Fund Centre gain access to more than 400 fund providers with a single legal agreement. Clearstream Fund Centre’s covered investment universe is continuously growing and currently offers over 70,000 products, including funds of the major ETF providers.

Key benefits

  • Easy access to a global fund universe with one single contract;
  • Simplified process and increased efficiency through Clearstream Fund Centre’s centralisation, management and maintenance of distribution agreement with fund providers;
  • Lower legal and operational risks as well as reduced complexity by streamlining processes and maintaining one single distribution agreement;
  • Dedicated relationship manager who knows and understands customer needs and goals, as well as brings in Clearstream’s market infrastructure expertise;
  • Access to Clearstream Fund Centre services via the innovative and user-friendly web-based application known as Fund Compass.

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Fund providers

Fund providers will access Distribution Support services through Clearstream’s affiliate, Fondcenter AG. By subscribing, fund providers can access a broad, diversified and international distribution network of more than 300 banks and insurance companies, maximising their exposure to distributors.

Key benefits

  • Visibility of products to distribution partners, including fund data and publications;
  • Centralised process for calculation, collection and re-distribution of distribution commission;
  • Insights, transparency and reporting on distribution and distributors;
  • Improved cost efficiency through reduced complexity and simplified processes;
  • Access to a fund platform with a global footprint and access to an international distribution network;
  • Access to Provider Explorer, the state-of-the-art web-based application for fund providers.

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