Fund Desk offering for asset managers

The distribution support solution helps asset managers to manage their compliance requirements (for example AML, KYC), including product governance requirements under the second Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II). Under the “target market” component of this regime, a management company must fulfil a product approval process that defines a target market of end clients for each financial instrument that it sells. It must be able to demonstrate that its distribution strategy is consistent with this target market and that all risks relating to these product sales are assessed on an ongoing basis.

Clearstream’s distribution support solution aims to centralise and manage this service on behalf of asset management customers. More broadly, the service provides a range of analytics that enables the asset manager to monitor performance of its sales teams, and performance of its distribution partners, broken down by distributor, by asset class, by location or a choice of other factors.

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Distribution Agreement

Clearstream maintains a wide distribution network with leading distributors in both international and domestic markets. Thanks to its strong expertise in serving leading asset managers globally, Clearstream proposes a dedicated distribution agreement framework and standard that aims to significantly reduce legal and compliance burdens of the negotiation process.

Commission Management

Clearstream shields asset managers from the market complexities of managing commission for multiple counterparties by centralising the commission management process. Additionally, the diligent maintenance of the agreements ensures full compliance with changing regulatory requirements.

Distribution Data Analytics

Asset managers benefit from unique distribution data on all their funds covered under the distribution agreement as part of Clearstream’s global distribution network and customer base. Clearstream offers reporting of distribution data per distributor and asset class over different periods, thus allowing asset managers to gain deeper insights on how each fund is performing from a sales perspective.

Due Diligence Support

Clearstream handles queries with regards to KYD (Know-Your-Distributor) and supports asset managers in the exchange of KYD questionnaires and documentation with the distributors, thereby acting as an efficient central hub.

Fund Marketing Support

Clearstream provides asset managers with a gateway to deliver relevant information to distributors via customised microsites, newsfeeds and webinars which increases their visibility to a large community of distributors. Clearstream also facilitates the direct exchange of information via dedicated networking opportunities such as events and webinars.


Asset managers may elect to sponsor certain of the funds they manage, resulting in commercial benefits for distributors.