Fund Desk – Distribution Support

Fund Desk is offering a full range of fund distribution support services built on the strong expertise and global network of asset managers.

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Distribution Agreements

Clearstream maintains a high number of distribution agreements with large scale and boutique asset managers, in both international and domestic markets. The constant expansion of our distribution agreement network ensures a vast and competitive coverage. As one of the largest custodians for fund units globally, Clearstream’s negotiation position is unique and receives attractive commission rates and service terms for its clients.

Commission Management

On behalf of its clients, Clearstream negotiates distribution agreements and distribution commission rates with asset managers worldwide. This service offering includes the quarterly calculation and collection of distribution commissions with the objective to shield distributors from the market complexities of commission management.

Fund Data and Documents

Distributors using Clearstream’s distribution support services have access to documents from more than 40,000 different funds and from 19 different jurisdictions. The fund documentation offering covers prospectuses and KIIDs as well as marketing and legal documentation. The related fund data library is always up to date thanks to the close and dynamic collaboration with fund data providers, such as fundinfo.

Due Diligence Support

Know-Your-Distributor (KYD) requirements and the related workload has grown over the years. Clearstream handles asset manager queries in regards to KYD and supports fund distributors in the exchange of KYD questionnaires and documentation, thereby acting as an efficient, central hub.

Client Extranet and Reporting

The new digital front-end of Clearstream Fund Desk provides distributors with an intuitive and dynamic access to transaction, custody and commission management reporting as well as with access to fund data and research information. A genuine search engine allows distributors to create specific reports based on individual needs.

Fund Research Information Service

The fund research information service is delivered in collaboration with fundinfo, an independent fund research provider. The fund information is based on approximately 80,000 European liquid funds collected by fundinfo. Distributors gain direct access to the fund research products as an integral part of Clearstream Fund Desk’s distribution support services. Clearstream offers a built-in connection to fundinfo’s Digital Advisor which evaluates funds based on qualitative criteria combined with investors’ needs. Clearstream Fund Desk keeps its neutrality and has no influence on the selection of funds, the fund analysis process, monitoring and definition of selection criteria.