Disclosure Requirements - Investment Funds - Norway


Disclosure Category: 1

Clearstream Banking S.A. (“CBL”), as an authorised nominee in Norwegian securities registers, is under an obligation, on demand, to disclose the identity and holdings of customers and/or ultimate beneficial owners in the case of holding Norwegian investment funds. The obligation also applies annually to unit holders who are liable for Tax in Norway.


In order to comply with the applicable legislation, customers holding Norwegian investment funds or entering into transactions in the Norwegian market must consent and are hereby deemed to consent to the required legal disclosure. Such consent includes the appointment of the requestor (for example, the Fund Manager, Transfer Agent, Regulator, Tax authority) as their attorney-in-fact, under power of attorney, to collect from CBL the required information to be disclosed. Customers who do not grant such authority to CBL cannot hold such investment funds or financial instruments in their accounts with CBL.

Disclosure requirements

Customers are advised that local laws and regulations oblige CBL to disclose information on ultimate beneficial owners for securities registered in the nominee account to the party that is entitled by law to receive such information within the stipulated or otherwise deemed suitable time frame by the authority in question.

Norwegian public authorities authorised to receive such information include:

  • Skatteetaten, the Norwegian Tax Administration
  • Finanstilsynet, the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway – FSAN, and previously known as the Kredittilsynet

Customers are required to inform CBL if they are the beneficial owner of these Norwegian fund units/shares or not. If they are not the ultimate beneficial owner, customers need to ensure that CBL, at all times, is allowed legal and practical access to information regarding the identity of the beneficial owner. Customers subjected to provisions of confidentiality in their home country must obtain the necessary legal basis for disclosure through customer agreements (prior consent). In instances where there are multiple levels or intermediaries between CBL and the ultimate beneficial owner, customers need to ensure that a legal basis exists requiring “customers at each level” to submit the identity of their respective customers upon request.

Therefore, if a customer does not provide CBL this legal and practical access to beneficial owner information and/or failed to disclose requested information about the beneficial ownership within the stipulated time frame, CBL will take all necessary action required of a nominee in Norway, such as blocking transfers on the undisclosed holdings, until the disclosure request has been complied with and/or refusal of the nominee assignment by the customer.

Background and legal basis

In the case of holding Norwegian investment fund units or shares, CBL is obliged under the following legislation to disclose the identity and holdings of customers and/or ultimate beneficial owners.

  • Securities Funds Regulations (no. 1467 of 21 December 2011)
  • Securities Register Act (no. 64 of 5 July 2002)
  • Tax Administration Regulations (no. 1360 of 23 November 2016)
  • Public Limited Liability Companies Act (no. 45 of 13 June 1997)


Failure to comply with the disclosure request from the fund managers, its agents, the regulators and/or tax authority within in the stipulated time frame may result in blocking of undisclosed holdings, freezing of accounts or compulsory redemption of the fund units/shares imposed by the fund managers or regulators. Non-compliance with the disclosure requirements may also result in fines, and/or the withdrawal of authorisation to act as a nominee for CBL.

The customer undertakes to hold CBL harmless and to indemnify CBL from any loss, claim, liability or expense asserted against or imposed upon CBL as a result of the customer failure, whatever the failure, to comply with these disclosure requests.