Code pre-allocation service

Clearstream’s unique Integrated Code Allocation (ICA) service is an integral part of the service suite of Clearstream’s Global Issuer Hub. ICA is a code pre-allocation service that provides issuers with common codes and ISIN codes in advance of the actual issuance, thereby enabling issuers to benefit from a standardised, efficient and high-quality stream of data.

Issuers can choose between the Premium and the Classic service. With Clearstream’s ICA Premium Service, issuers can benefit from a secure, fully integrated solution which automates the entire chain from product design to the conclusion of the trade. The level of automation can be customised to fit individual business needs.

Whereas the Premium Service caters to large issuers, smaller issuers can benefit from the Classic Service which can be set up immediately by Clearstream experts with minimal implementation and testing required on the issuer side.