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In addition to its issuer-CSD franchises, Clearstream operates a large number of links to cash and securities markets across the globe, providing direct and secure access to the largest domestic liquidity pools. We are constantly expanding our global network and delivering market access solutions.

Easier access to China A-shares

Non-residents can invest in Renminbi-denominated shares listed on Chinese stock exchanges (A-shares) in a more streamlined manner while benefiting from Clearstream’s full range of settlement and custody services.

Clearstream opens link to Kazakhstan

Clearstream opens its 57th domestic market link offering internal free-of- and against-payment settlement in all settlement-eligible currencies, including Kazakhstani Tenge.

Enhancing market access to the Americas

Clearstream broadens its network of domestic market links by adding Colombia on 19 November 2018. Colombia represents Clearstream‘s 58th link and affirms the ICSD’s leading position in terms of global market coverage.

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