Securities trading - U.S.A.


Key market-tradable securities

Denomination currencyMaturity
payment frequency
Place of settlementForm
U.S. Treasury bills
USD13, 26,
52 weeks
At a discountAt maturityFBEBook-entry
U.S. Treasury notes
USD1 to 10 yearsFixedSemi-anualFBEBook-entry
U.S. Treasury bonds
USD10 to 40 yearsFixedSemi-anualFBEBook-entrya or physical
Fedwire-eligible Federal and Federally Sponsored Agency securities b
USDVariedFixed and floatingMonthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annualFBEBook-entry
Corporate bonds
USDVariedFixed and floatingVariedDTCBook-entry or physical
USDVariedFixed and floatingVariedDTCBook-entry or physical
Foreign (Yankee) bonds
USD3 and 5 years-Semi-annualDTCBook-entry
Foreign-Targeted bonds (Reg S, TEFRA D)
USDvariedFixed and floatingMonthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annualDTCBook-entry
Global bonds
USD5 to 20 yearsFixed and floatingAt maturityDTCBook-entry
Commercial Papers (CPs)
USD1 week to
1 year
At a discount and fixedAt maturityDTCGlobal or physical
Equities and equity products
USDNot applicableNot applicableGenerally quarterlyDTCBook-entry
Depository Receipts
USDNot applicableNot applicableMonthly or quarterlyDTCBook-entry
USD3 months
to 30 years
Fixed, floating and discountMonthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annualDTCBook-entry or physical
Open-end mutual funds
USDNot applicableNot applicableVariedCitibankBook-entry
Closed-end mutual funds, ETFs, Unit Trusts
USDNot applicableNot applicableVariedDTCBook-entry
Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
USD1 month to
5 years
fixed and floatingAt maturityDTCBook-entry

a. Those issued since mid-1986.
b. FHA, GNMA, SBA, FHLB, FHLMC, FNMA: Certain Federal and Federally Sponsored Agency securities are mortgage-backed, paying interest and principal monthly. These securities are expressed at their original face value (before amortisatoin). The relationship between the original face value and the current face value (1 at issuance, 0 at final redemption) is known as the "Pool factor".